Systems Integration

Polymer Recovery Systems not only provides specific plastic waste processing components to customers in the recycling business, we also provide the technology and equipment to allow these components to function together as one system. From a single control panel, a customer may operate a complete system and perform a variety of tasks – from simply turn the entire system on and off to performing specific controls and adjustments to individual components.

The use of Program Logic Control (PLC) allows each system to be customized to specific process parameters. As an example, if certain temperatures cannot be exceeded in a dryer, the system can be programmed to prevent this from happening. Later on, if the temperature parameters change for the customer, a simple program adjustment on the control panel can be quickly and easily done to allow that.

By providing system integration services, Polymer Recovery Systems relieves the customer of a major task during the purchasing phase – the task of determining how component and the entire systems are to be controlled. This allows the customer to focus on internal preparations for the system and can greatly streamline to overall purchase/installation process.

Custom Machine Design

Polymer Recovery Systems’ industry experience and engineering ability enables us to provide customized design to our clients in the recycling business. Recognizing that each client’s needs are different, we have designed many of our components to be of a modular design. In that way, a specific number of modules can be provided for specific needs.

At times, customers have very unique needs that require the design/development of totally new (or revised) plastic recycling equipment. Our engineering staff employs sophisticated software that enables us to provide detailed 3-D models of our designs. This allows us to develop and present to our customers very detailed and realistic models without the need to actually manufacture the equipment. By working closely with each customer and allowing them to view these detailed models, we are able to develop new/customized equipment in a quick and economical way.


Polymer Recovery Systems brings 11 years of production and engineering experience to solve your plastic recycling problem. Our engineers can review a process to offer suggestions to streamline a process, upgrade a process to a new system, or install an entirely new system.

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