Bale Breaker

bale breaker with catwalks

General Description

The Bale Breaker consists of an 800 cubic foot feed hopper with a unitized understructure and steel frame support. A drag conveyor with variable-speed drive transfers baled material toward the front end of the unit. There are three rotating “beater bars” that continually impact the bale – breaking it into small clumps and individual bottles.

The drag conveyor is powered by a 10-hp gear motor. Each of the three beater bars are also powered by 10-hp gear motors. All motors are variable speed to allow for precise adjustment and control. The unit can be floor mounted or pit mounted.


  • Heavy-duty construction to handle the most highly compacted bales
  • Variable speed control
  • Expanded metal enclosure allows for safe monitoring bales by operator
  • Large capacity
  • Design flexibility allow bottles to be discharged from either side


The bale breaker can process at rates of up to 3,000 pounds per hour depending on bulk density of the material. Options available include:

  • A “declumping” discharge auger used to break apart clumps of bottles that remain after the bale breaks apart
  • Surge bin with discharge conveyor
  • Sorting conveyor to allow for manually inspection/sorting of material

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