Air Classifier

air classifier with feed auger and dust collection

Clean Plastic Regrind through Air Classification

General Description

Plastic regrind can be effectively cleaned by air classification. In the unique Polymer Recovery Systems air classification system, plastic flake, dominated by gravitational force, falls against a vertical air stream into a box filling station. Lighter materials, such as paper and fines, are carried with the air because of the influence of drag force. Cut point is controlled by a slide gate, which adjusts the vertical air velocity.


Feed stock typically enters the system from a pneumatic conveying system via a pneumatic receiver. It then gravity-flows into the vertical air column through a rotary air lock. If desired, the system can be fed mechanically with a belt or screw conveyor.


  • Pass-thru design of frame allows easy replacement of gaylord boxes when filled
  • System can be designed to allow finished product to be deposited into gaylord boxes, super sacks, or to be pneumatically conveyed


The air classification unit can be operated for less than 1/2 cent per pound of feed stock. Capacity is up to 2,000 pounds per hour depending on bulk density of the material.


It is a simple process. Plastic regrind is pneumatically conveyed to receiving cyclone. The material drops into rotary valve below cyclone and is metered into separation chamber. The blower on second cyclone induces an upward airflow in separation chamber. The light contaminants (labels, dust, dirt, etc.) are carried away with air stream into second receiving cyclone and deposited into gaylord box. The finished product (flake) drops through the air stream and is deposited directly into gaylord boxes or conveyed to additional equipment for further processing.

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