With an emphasis on innovation, Polymer Recovery Systems provides unique and economical solutions to the many challenges faced in today’s plastic recycling environment. Our customized plastic recycling equipment and products help companies reduce expenses by upgrading their production scrap plastic into reusable material.


PRSI provides custom solutions to companies of diverse sizes and recycling needs, including plastic bottle, or PET recycling, as well as any rigid, post-consumer or post-industrial plastic waste. We offer a variety of components that can be pieced together in a variety of ways to achieve the best results.

As a systems integrator, Polymer Recovery Systems not only provides specific processing components to customers, it also provides the technology and equipment to allow these components to function together as one system. From a single control panel, a customer may operate a complete system and perform a variety of tasks – from simply turn the entire system on and off to performing specific controls and adjustments to individual components.

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