About PRSI

Polymer Recovery Systems, Inc. (PRSI) is a manufacturing company serving the plastic recycling industry. PRSI specializes in recycling systems that upgrade post-consumer and/or post-industrial plastic – converting this material into reusable or salable material, in turn providing cost savings or revenue enhancement for our customers. PRSI has been in business since 1997 and currently has over 50 recycling systems in operation. We are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, but we provide service internationally.

Our innovative systems provide economical solutions to challenges faced in today’s recycling environment. Our product line ranges from complete wash systems for upgrading any rigid post-consumer or post-industrial plastic to ancillary equipment, such as air classification systems, bale breakers, and float-sink tanks. Our diverse product lines do more than just plastic bottle recycling. We provide custom solutions for all types of companies needing assistance in handling plastic scrap and waste.


Providing Solutions for Recycling Plastic

Polymer Recovery Systems, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges faced by today’s plastic recyclers as well as those in the plastics industry looking for innovative ways to reduce expenses by upgrading their production scrap into reusable or salable material.

Products for Recycling Plastic

Our product line has evolved from a simple washing/drying machine designed specifically to clean and dry polystyrene foam to today’s systems designed to upgrade almost any type of plastic. Our “systems integration” approach allows us to provide customized solutions for each of our customers.

Plastic recycling systems engineered and manufactured by Polymer Recovery Systems, Inc. include:

Additionally, we maintain close working relationships with some of the leading manufacturers of auxiliary components used in our systems (e.g. size reduction equipment bye the ACS Group and Republic Machine, material handling equipment by Bunting Magnetics & Dynacon, and air conveying and dust collection systems by Sterling). Our systems provide solutions to challenges facing industrial recyclers and other companies in the plastics industry.

Our Solutions

We can provide individual components to complement or enhance existing customer systems or we can supply complete turnkey systems designed for specific customer needs. Working with state-of-the art engineering software, our staff develops detailed 3-D drawings of each proposed system. This provides our clients with valuable information, allowing them the opportunity to provide input and feedback prior to system fabrication – enabling them to receive a system that is tailored to their specific demands.

Whether looking to upgrade post-industrial regrind with a simple float/sink tank or to process post-consumer PET bottles with a turnkey system, Polymer Recovery Systems can engineer a customized system. Protecting the environment by creating innovative systems for recycling plastic is what drives PRSI.

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